How do I request specimens from the ACSR?

  • The ACSR accepts two types of Letters of Intent (LOI), Feasibility (Short) and Standard LOIs, on an ongoing basis for HIV-related research projects.  The LOI hyperlinks below will bring you to the downloadable fillable pdf form (with its imbedded instructions) that best fits your research needs.
  • The Feasibility (Short) LOI is intended for studies that require a total of 20 or fewer samples.  Applicable projects include test/assay development, quality control, and/or pilot projects to generate preliminary data, prove feasibility or establish proof of principle. The Feasibility (Short) LOI can be submitted one-time only for a specific research question.  Subsequent projects proposing similar/same research must be submitted using a Standard LOI regardless of the number of samples being requested.
  • The Standard LOI is intended for all other requests.

Online submissions are accepted but LOIs may be returned for modifications for reasons such as failing to adhere to LOI requirements, or the number/types of samples are not available. Also note that progress reports are required from ALL investigators who receive biospecimens/data from the ACSR, and ALL returning users are required to submit their progress report before a new submission will be processed.  Therefore, investigators are encouraged to contact us prior to the submission of an LOI if they have any questions about the LOI process e.g. how to complete the form, which form best fits their needs or availability of biospecimens/data.

Detailed information is available for download here: “How do I request specimens from the ACSR?”