Welcome to the new BETA VERSION of the ACSR Inventory Explorer!  Please be patient with us as we continue to develop this tool.  We welcome your feedback!

The ACSR Inventory Explorer is a de-identified visualization of the ACSR specimen databases. Because the data contains no PHI, it is not subject to HIPAA restrictions on research use.

The ACSR is happy to assist investigators in determining the availability of samples required for their research. Exact numbers of specimens available, particularly for rare sample types/diagnoses, cannot be guaranteed as our inventory is dynamic. Special collection samples are not available for projects that are in the early research stage such as assay development, screening and exploratory studies. If you require more detailed information than provided via the Explorer and/or to learn more about the availability of samples required for your research, contact us!

Please check back regularly as we continue to update the Inventory Explorer with the latest specimen details.


ACSR Inventory Explorer (beta) is best viewed in FULL SCREEN with a MONITOR resolution of at least 1920 x 1080.

Click on the icon on the lower right of the visual below to expand the view.